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The use of numerous flows, such as ecological flows, outlet flows in effluent treatment plants, flows in irrigation channels, river dams, etc., is always one of the possibilities when planning a new use based on hydraulic micro-generation systems.

It requires special treatment in terms of processing and financing, being a complex process that includes factors such as permits, water rights, engineering design, or the environmental impact that it could cause.

At Sinfin Energy, we have a widely experienced team in all the steps related to processing and the different phases of the projects, as well as an investor group capable of undertaking investments for the usage of unused productive spaces.


We carry out a prospective search for places to implement micro networks for hydraulic use, taking into account the available natural resources, existing permits and water rights, accessibility and proximity to the point of consumption or network connection.




Directly by the team of technicians specialized in searching and selecting sites directly and proactively.



Through our network of collaborators. This network is made up of different agents with whom we have had the opportunity to team up with throughout our career. We have agents in different parts of the world, such as America, Europe, or Asia.


Sometimes, it has been the individuals themselves who have taken the initiative to contact us, becoming promoters of their new micro-generation project. If you are a company, administration or individual with an unproductive location, contact us and find out how we can help you.


Behind  all this is Sinfin Capital, the financial muscle for project promotion. At Sinfin Energy, we have a team with extensive experience in all processing and phases of projects, as well as investment capacity for the use of productive spaces in disuse.

Our funding and business models are adaptable to any application and system, depending on the needs of each client and project. Contact us and start generating constant, clean and profitable energy today.


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