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Committed to the environment

Our goal is to produce renewable, clean and micro-scaled energy without getting off track of building it in a respectful way for our ecosystem.

We provide the renewable energy market with a sustainable approach, environmentally conscious, safe for fish and wildlife, based on hydraulic micro-generation.

A continuous search must be made for new ways of producing renewable energy and at the same time, to protect the environment. No matter what the technology is and where the renewable source comes from, it will always be difficult to find the equation that allows for their balance.

We have no doubt that micro-scale hydroelectric power is the most productive venue when depending on capacity factors. They even beat more “traditional” technologies such as solar or wind. However, they all complement each other, forming systems that allow us to build a more sustainable future for the next generations, giving back part of the wealth our planet has given us.  

The water resource is still abundant, but it has to be treated with rigorous care and this factor is the cornerstone of development. Our engineering and technology facilitate that the flow dynamics do not change or that the available water is wasted. The upstream or downstream flows remain intact.


We create clean energy

The characteristics of the generators developed by Sinfin Energy allow us to look for that balance between renewable energies and respect for ichthyic populations. Our Turbine based on the Archimedes Screw rotates at slow speeds, at a rate of about 30 turns per minute. When fish enter through the top of the machine, they simply descend the screw in large tubs and swim in its lower part, without being disrupted or harmed in any way. The turbulence at the exit of the system is minimal because the water does not accelerate or drift in these channels.


The ichthyofauna can descend safely through the HYDROSCREW

Numerous studies show that the size of the buckets and the slow rotation of the turbine (<50 rpm) allow the fish to descend safely between the rotor blades. As a result, the Hydroscrew is a safe and suitable turbine for fish, allowing downstream migration through it.

In addition, the Hydroscrew can be combined with a fish pitch to promote upstream migration.

Historically used as fish pumps

Archimedes’ screw, in fact, has historically been used for the transfer of fish in aquaculture.

In addition to being a Fish-Friendly turbine, the Hydroscrew has the following environmental advantages:

  • The Hydroscrew does not alter the flow of water in the channel.
  • It does not modify the piezometric heights of existing hydraulic infrastructures.
  • It maintains the same level of water sheet at both the high and low points of the turbine.
  • Ability to turbine ecological flows.
  • It does not affect the flood flow capacity of existing water control structures.
  • Improves water quality by enrichment with oxygen.


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