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Renewable energies grow for the first time in four years

Good news for renewable energies. After last year’s slowdown, everything seems to point to 2019 closing with the best figures of the last four years. According to the data handled by the International Energy Agency, the installed capacity will increase by 12%. Translated into numbers, we are talking about some 200 GW.

The engine of this growth will be solar energy. It is expected to increase by 17% compared to 2018, which means that it will reach 115 GW. Much of this increase is due to the decrease in costs, more efficient installations and the change in mentality of governments, as pointed out by the Paris-based agency.

Are 200 GW sufficient to meet the targets set in the Paris Agreement on Climate Change? To be honest the answer is no, because by 2030 at least 300 GW of annual capacity needs to be generated. If the figures are confirmed by the end of 2019, there should be a 150% increase by next year.

Spain promotes solar energy

But let’s take it one step at a time. For the moment, we are left with the good news for the renewables sector. Above all, as far as Spain is concerned. The IEA has set our country as an example of solar energy production.

The organization assures that we are one of the nations that is contributing to the increase in numbers (in Europe we are leaders), along with Vietnam, India, the United States and Japan. On the other hand, China has gone from being a locomotive to stepping on the brakes.

Wind energy is also moving fast. Onshore installations are expected to increase by 15% this year. Thanks are due to the United States.

What about water power?

Hydraulic energy, which moves our hydro-screw, will also play an important role. The latest changes in Bloomberg’s New Energy Outlook indicate that by 2050, 70% of the world’s energy will come from renewable sources.

Wind and solar power will take up 50% of the total, so hydro power will also be widely represented.

In fact, the Association of Renewable Energy Companies has just published its Study of the Macroeconomic Impact of Renewable Energies in Spain. One of its conclusions is that the greatest growth in the sector has been in wind energy, followed by photovoltaic, biofuels, mini-hydraulic, geothermal, marine, solar thermal and mini-wind.

In 2018, renewable energies covered 15.1% of the total energy in Spain. At present, the sector contributes 0.87% of the national GDP.