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Generation to Grid

Any of the technologies can be configured as a micro-plant conected to the electrical grid.


With the help of a hydraulic based micro-grid it is always the most profitable investment.

Direct generation to grid

All the technologies offered in our catalog can be configured as a micro-central connected to the general network. It is the most classic and secure format for obtaining income by selling the energy generated at the price of the daily pool.

These projects are undertaken in their various forms, from engineering to turnkey installation and even the operation of the power plant by the hand of our companies and associated investors.


The self-consumption of energy, with the help of a hydraulic-based micro-network; it is always the most profitable investment, if the loads or consumers maintain a significant demand over time.

Hydro-based micro-networks are stable in terms of their generation, being one of their greatest advantages in a comparative way with the rest of the renewable ones, much more fluctuating in terms of resource availability, and in turn they have the advantage of facilitating the basis for the integration of such more random renewable sources, in a complementary way, in the same micro-network.

Additionally, we also have extensive experience in storage systems and backup elements that allow optimizing the operation and management of each system in self-consumption.




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