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We develop our own solutions for any kind of hydraulic power generation system.


Our Hydroscrew is based on the millenary hydraulic Archimedes Screw.

We have applied reverse engineering to this mechanism which was used to pump water from the river bed to higher areas by transforming it into a hydraulic microgeneration turbine.

Through the relief and fall of the water, the Hydroscrew is able to generate completely clean and constant energy, supplying power ranging from 1 kW to 100 kW per turbine, depending on the existing natural conditions for the development and sizing of the machine.

Cross-Flow Turbines

In transverse flow turbines, the fluid flows through the blades diagonally.

Like in a water wheel, the water enters at the edge of the turbine and exits from the inside. After passing through the central opening, it exits on the opposite side. By going through twice, a high efficiency is obtained for variable flows, as well as cleaning the rotor of debris.

The machine is low speed, suitable for low heights but high flow rates.



The adaptation of commercial pumps to a turbine operation is sometimes the optimal solution to implement in a given use.





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