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360 management of renewable projects

We hold proven expertise in all phases of renewable projects

At Sinfín Energy we help you in the transition to renewable energy sources, supporting you in all the steps to facilitate its complete execution.

For this purpose, we have a team of expert engineers that allows us to offer personalized services for the deployment of systems based on any renewable energy project.

We have proven experience in all phases of renewable projects, guaranteeing quality, efficiency and safety. We ensure that we maximize the value of projects, contributing to the sustainable growth of the renewable energy sector.

Our customized engineering studies include the following services:

We work with you in the 360 management of renewable energy projects.


We perform detailed and specialized analysis of market conditions related to renewable energies. We evaluate factors such as current and future demand for renewable energy, market trends, relevant government regulations, competition in the sector, relevant technological advances, and specific opportunities and challenges for the development of renewable energy projects.

We aim to provide renewable engineering with a clear and informed understanding of the environment in which it operates, which facilitates strategic decision making, the identification of business opportunities and the optimization of its commercial and project development activities.

feasibility study and business models

Sinfín Energy offers consulting services for renewable energy projects, with the objective of guaranteeing viability in terms of energy, legal, environmental, economic and technical feasibility. We work closely with our clients to identify the best renewable energy solutions and strategies to ensure their adaptation to the needs and location of the project.

We carry out exhaustive studies to evaluate the technical and economic feasibility of implementing renewable technologies in your project.

concession projects

We identify, evaluate, develop and manage renewable energy projects under concession agreements. This ranges from opportunity identification to actual project management, encompassing technical, economic and environmental feasibility assessment, proposal preparation, contract negotiation, permit and license management, and supervision of project construction and operation.

We maximize the value of the project, optimizing its performance, minimizing risks and ensuring compliance with contractual and regulatory requirements, contributing to the sustainable growth of the renewable energy sector.

technical and administrative projects

We plan, design, implement and supervise renewable energy projects, as well as the management of associated administrative aspects. This involves preparing feasibility studies, creating detailed technical designs, coordinating multidisciplinary teams, acquiring the necessary permits and licenses, and supervising project execution. In addition, we include budget management, human and material resource planning, compliance with regulations and standards, and risk assessment and management.

We carry out renewable energy projects efficiently and in compliance with technical and administrative requirements, ensuring their success and contributing to the advancement of the renewable energy sector.

construction projects

We plan, supervise and execute infrastructure projects related to renewable energies. This ranges from site preparation and construction logistics to team and subcontractor coordination, resource management and compliance with quality and safety standards. In addition, it involves monitoring the progress of the project, controlling the budget and deadlines, and troubleshooting during construction.

We ensure the successful completion of renewable projects, guaranteeing quality, efficiency and safety at every stage of construction and contributing to the sustainable development of the sector.

environmental studies

The environmental impact that technologies have on ecosystems is crucial and essential for Sinfín Energy. Therefore, we want to make sure that the environmental impact is the least possible, so we carry out thorough environmental studies to know and evaluate the possible effects on the environment of the project.

We ensure the implementation of renewable engineering technology is compatible with environmental conservation. 

works management and supervision

We offer comprehensive management and technical control of the execution of renewable energy projects from inception to completion. This includes the supervision of compliance with regulations, technical specifications and deadlines, as well as the coordination of work teams and quality and safety management on site. In addition, it involves real-time problem solving and decision making to ensure the correct implementation of the project.

We ensure the successful completion of renewable projects, guaranteeing quality, efficiency and safety at all stages of construction and contributing to the sustainable development of the sector.

Basic and conceptual engineering

We get involved from the initial phase of renewable energy projects, where the main concepts are established and the technical basis for subsequent implementation is developed. This includes the identification of design alternatives, the evaluation of technical and economic feasibility, and the preparation of preliminary technical documents such as flow/conceptual drawings and general specifications. It also covers the definition of requirements and design criteria, as well as the evaluation and selection of appropriate technologies and equipment.

We lay the solid foundations for the subsequent development of the project, guaranteeing its alignment with the client's objectives and requirements, as well as its technical and economic feasibility.

detail engineering

We focus on the comprehensive elaboration of specific and detailed technical designs for the precise implementation of renewable energy projects. This involves the translation of the concepts and criteria established during the conceptual and basic engineering stage into complete and accurate drawings, diagrams and technical specifications. In addition, it encompasses the selection and detailed specification of equipment, materials and technologies, as well as the detailed planning of the layout of the engineering elements at the project site.

We guarantee the correct implementation and execution of the project, facilitating the efficient construction, optimal operation and maximization of the performance of the renewable installation.

Procurement and logistics engineering

We focus on the efficient management of the procurement of materials, equipment and services required for the implementation of renewable energy projects. This involves identifying suppliers, requesting quotations, evaluating bids, negotiating contracts and managing supplier relationships. In addition, it encompasses the planning and logistical coordination to ensure timely delivery and proper handling of materials and equipment at the project site.

We ensure the timely supply of the necessary resources, optimizing costs and delivery times, thereby contributing to the efficient and successful execution of the renewable project.

technological transfer

We carry out the process of developing technological innovations and research developments from the laboratory or academic environment to the commercial market. This includes identifying promising technologies, assessing their commercial viability, protecting intellectual property, and finding strategic partners or investors for their development and commercialization. It also covers market research, adaptation of technology to market needs, and implementation of commercialization and promotion strategies.

We support the successful introduction of technological innovations in the renewable energy market, promoting the growth and competitiveness of the sector.

We search for and carry out fully customized renewable engineering projects