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Everything is ready for the start-up of Rebolluelo Hydraulic Power Plant

The countdown begins for the Rebolluelo Hydraulic Power Plant to begin operation. The rehabilitation work is about to be completed and we are confident that we will be able to start it up in March 2020. The installation for hydroelectric use of irrigation water is located in Rincón de Soto, a traditionally agricultural town in La Rioja, on the banks of the Ebro River.

This special location has made it possible for the Ebro River Irrigation Community in Rincón de Soto to create an important irrigation infrastructure, made up of canals and ditches, to grow fruit and vegetables, for which these lands are especially well known. The most recognized are the Rincón de Soto Pears and the Calahorra Cauliflowers.

How did it all begin?

Taking advantage of the existing irrigation infrastructure and the water concession, in 2010 the Irrigation Community of the Ebro River in Rincón de Soto rebuilt the Micro-Hydraulic Plant, called C.H. Rebolluelo. The construction is equipped with a semi-Kaplan turbine, capable of generating 64 kW, taking advantage of a small waterfall in the vicinity of the Ebro River.

In 2018, SINFIN ENERGY, aware of the installation and its condition, through its EPC company, SINFIN TURBINES, carried out a study to put it back into operation.

The document was presented to the Ebro River Irrigation Community in Rincón de Soto in 2019. That same year, SINFÍN ENERGY, through its facilities operator, SINFIN CAPITAL, reached an agreement with the Irrigation Community of the Ebro River in Rincón de Soto through a lease from C.H. Rebolluelo for its use until the end of the existing water concession.

About the Ebro River Irrigation Community

The Ebro River Irrigation Community was established in 1881. It covers 1,743 irrigated hectares and groups 1376 community members. It is integrated within the National Federation of Irrigation Communities (FENACORE) and the Federation of Irrigation Communities of the Ebro. It is part of the Junta de Explotación nº 1, belongs to the Confederación Hidrográfica del Ebro and includes the municipalities of Alfaro and Rincón de Soto, in La Rioja, and Milagro, in Navarra.